BRAVA Newsletter Autumn 2023

Results on FC stack components – catalyst

With BRAVA having reached the end of the first year, result on the catalyst development were published in D4.1 (see public summary) to find suitable synthesis methods. Multiple synthesis methods for high loading PtCo intermetallic candidates with promising properties were found and optimized.

Results on FC stack components -ionomers and membranes

Ionomer R&D activities and related Solvay materials under development for the proton exchange membrane (PEM) design and binders for electrodes in alignment with the performance and durability requirements for the BRAVA project were selected and a reference 15 μm PEM was defined based on Solvay ionomer and additive with the combination of a classical ePTFE (expanded PTFE) reinforcement technology. The efforts undertaken encompassed as well the establishment of durability standards for the PEM and exploration and integration of cutting-edge materials and production methods (see public summary of D4.2/D4.3 for more information).



Preliminary exploitation plan and IP strategy

While Airbus plans to be the first large aircraft manufacturer to bring hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft to the market (in service by 2035),  this is huge endeavour with far-reaching consequences. It affects the entire aviation sector and hydrogen production, distribution and storage infrastructure needs to be build-up at all major airports. At the same time the developments in BRAVA are important for the fuel cell to be applied in aviation and preparation for exploitation is key for the tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers as well as Airbus and more details on the preliminary plan can be found in the public summary of Deliverable D7.2.

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