BRAVA face-to-face meeting in Berlin

On the 27th of June 2023, the BRAVA consortium met in Berlin to discuss the technical progress and administrative matters. The meeting was hosted by partner Technical University Berlin in their main building.

During the meeting, progress in the project was discussed. Airbus presented the update on the requirements for the different subsystems. The respective partners, which are involved in the work on the two-phase cooling system, the additive manufacturing of heat exchangers, the air supply subsystem and the fuel cell stack and their components. NLR provided information on the progress with the two-phase cooling setups and testing. Aerostack provided updates on the studies on the catalysts, ionomers and membranes, which includes the work from their partners CNRS and TUB. Liebherr provided the current status on the air supply system architecture and its evaluation. The technical updates ended with Airbus supplying information on improvements of the baseline subsystem on the anode and cathode side.

After discussing the administrative matters in BRAVA, the day ended with a tour through the chemical labs of the group of professor Peter Strasser at TUB, where his team showed what they are working on for its main activities of BRAVA. Overall it was a successful meeting and every partner is keen to be part of the next meeting beginning of 2024 in Getafe at Airbus Spain.

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