BRAVA Kick-off Meeting

On the 10th and 11th of January 2023, the BRAVA consortium met for the first time face-to-face to have the official kick-off meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by the coordinator Airbus in Hamburg, Germany.

During the two-day meeting, an overview of the BRAVA consortium was presented and all task leaders provided an overview of their task and what kind of activities are expected and by which partner after an introduction by the work package leader from the respective work package. On the first day, these presentations were done for the first four work packages. As well, on the first day, the Project Advisor and financial officer from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership were present online and provided insights into the processes and obligations to the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

The first day ended with a tour for part of the group through the ZAL, where Airbus could show what they are working on and where its main activities of BRAVA will take place.

On the second day, the work packages 5 till 7 were presented by the WP leaders and there was room for discussion and questions to the coordinator and the Project Advisor with regards to financial and organisational matter. After the lunch, there was a tour for the remaining part of the consortium through ZAL.

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