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Airbus Operations

Organisation Introduction

Airbus is a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space sectors.


Airbus Operations decided to participate in the BRAVA project because it will develop breakthrough technologies for the key subsystems of a dedicated FC-based Power Generation System (PGS) for aviation within the ZEROe. Advances in the subsystems will be evaluated, e.g. FC stack and BoP components (anode, cathode level), the TMS and HX design and technology, and air supply system architecture, will act as building blocks for this multi-MW FC-based PGS. The foreseen future 2.4 MW system will be a multi-stack aircraft propulsion system consisting of eight (8) 300 kW FC stacks. Airbus considers that several of such multi-MW FC-based PGSs will be used to propel an aircraft capable of carrying up to 100 passengers on distances of up to 1,000 nautical miles (NM).

What in BRAVA?

Airbus Operations will be involved in BRAVA developing an advanced and compact HEX through Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology for the Thermal Management System (TMS) which will act as a building block among other main ones to boost the efficiency of the PGS.

By achieving the project’s six objectives, BRAVA makes a major step towards bringing FC-based power generating systems to the aviation market, being the key technology for future sustainable aviation. Airbus will steer the partners to achieve the best results, which can be implemented at the end of the project in a follow-up project for an in-flight demonstrations, where Airbus and its partner will seek support of the Clean Aviation programme in phase 2 [2026-2028].


“The BRAVA project helps us maturing the AM technology focused on thermal management applications to make light-weight and compact heat exchangers to reduce drag and fuel consumption. The FC stack technology that will be developed in BRAVA will enable the further maturation and embedding of these fuel cell propulsion system in a future sustainable aircraft program of Airbus in the next decennium.”

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