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Organisation Introduction

Heraeus Precious Metals is globally leading in the precious metals industry. By combining trading, innovative products and recycling, we offer our customers the industry’s most comprehensive array of services for the entire precious metals lifecycle.

Heraeus has been committed to precious metals for more than 160 years. Specializing in chemical process catalysts, Heraeus Precious Metals is offering a comprehensive line of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts. Utilizing our profound expertise in precious metal catalysts we are providing electrocatalysts for PEM electrolyzers and PEM fuel cells. We develop materials for various applications and needs. Our materials are tested on cell level internally. Additionally, we offer our service in precious metals price management as well in the recycling of the precious metals waste.


Precious metals are not only essential to enable our modern life. With its products, the precious metals industry makes an important contribution to tackling climate change. For example, in PEM Fuel cells to establish carbon free mobility concepts. We cannot do without them.

At the same time, the extraction and processing of precious metals involves an enormous energy input and CO2 footprint. As a leading company in the precious metals industry, we are pioneering ahead.

By 2025, Heraeus Precious Metals will be the first company in the precious metals industry to operate carbon neutral.

Heraeus Precious Metals’ Hydrogen System department has the ambition to tackle the challenges, that come with the green energy transition and the hydrogen revolution. We want to create solutions for new applications within the hydrogen economy by developing novel precious metal based catalyst materials. With our experience in catalyst development and production scale up, we are eager to take part in transferring the hydrogen fuel cell technology to the aviation sector.

What in BRAVA?

Within the BRAVA project Heraeus Precious Metals takes part in the field of catalyst development. Here, we work closely together with our partners to develop novel catalyst materials, that fulfill the challenging requirements that come with the aviation sector. With our experience in catalyst manufacturing, we are responsible to facilitate the transfer of lab scale material synthesis to a production scale, that allows the utilization of novel catalysts not only in testing but also in the real application.


“The BRAVA project unites a high number of technical experts, who work together on the same ambition to transfer the fuel cell technology to the aviation sector. We are happy to be part of this important project and to support with our expertise in catalyst development and production scale up.”

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