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Technische Universität Berlin

Organisation Introduction

Technische Universität Berlin is a research university rich in tradition and recognized worldwide. We want to further develop science and technology for the benefit of our society. The members of the university are committed to the principle of sustainable development, which meets the needs of the present and at the same time is not at the expense of future generations.

In the Electrochemical Catalysis, Energy and Materials Sciences Group, led by Prof. Peter Strasser, our research focuses on materials science and catalysis of nanostructured materials for clean energy storage and conversion technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, high energy density batteries, (photo)electrochemical conversion of solar energy/electricity into fuels and chemicals. Our research contributes to our fundamental understanding of these technologies and their devices.


Establishing a clean and sustainable alternative for fossil fuels in aviation is a major challenge for the future. We want to help accomplish this goal with the knowledge and abilities in the field of electro catalysis. The improvement and better understanding of fuel cells and the used catalysts has been a focus of our research group for more than a decade. The BRAVA-project forms the perfect basis for high quality scientific work in cooperation with other research institutes and industry.

What in BRAVA?

We are working on synthesis and optimization of catalyst materials for the reduction of oxygen in the fuel cell stack. In cooperation with our partners, we set our goal to find the best material for the harsh conditions of aviation with low humidity and gas pressure. Our catalysts are designed for high durability and activity as well as the potential to be fabricated in industrial size scales.

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“The BRAVA-project we will help us to make new scientific discoveries with real world applications.”

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