Expected and Achieved Results

On this page you can find the project’s expected and achieved results (deliverables).

Project management & technical coordination

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Project handbook
  2. Data Management plan
  3. Risk Management plan
  4. Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU – year 1
  5. Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU – year 2
  6. Updated DMP
  7. Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU – year 3

Requirements setting for the subsystems: FC stack (BoP) TMS (2-PC FC,HX) and AS

Thermal management system;2-PC FC and AM HX

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. FC requirements for a 2-PC system
  2. AM HX requirements and KPIs
  3. 200 kW 2-PC concept design
  4. Mid-report on 2-PC FC
  5. 200kW 2-PC detail design
  6. AM HX: detailed design
  7. AM HX status mid-scale and demonstrator
  8. 2-PC in FC demo
  9. 200 kW 2-PC demo
  10. AM HX results evaluation

Stack technology development

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Catalyst and catalyst support R&D report 1
  2. Ionomer and Membrane report 1
  3. Membrane report 1
  4. Catalyst and catalyst support R&D report 2
  5. Catalyst scale-up R&D report 1
  6. Ionomer and Membrane report 2
  7. Membrane report 2
  8. CCM R&D report 1
  9. Catalyst and catalyst support R&D report 3
  10. Catalyst scale-up R&D report 2
  11. Ionomer and Membrane report 3
  12. Membrane report 3
  13. CCM R&D report 2
  14. FC short stack prototype (6kW)
  15. FC stack model
  16. 300 kW FC stack hardware
  17. Test report 300 kW stack

Air supply development

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Report on system architecture
  2. Air supply system components design
  3. Air supply system control validation incl. maintenance assessment
  4. Model integration at pod level and aircraft level
  5. Verification test report at component level
  6. System availability assessment and components optimisation

Preliminary design and technology evaluation on aircraft PGS level

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Improvements anode path H2 recirculation
  2. Improvements cathode path air recirculation
  3. Preliminary design FC system
  4. Updated parameter list for evaluation
  5. Improvements system integration
  6. Evaluation of the PGS system level improvements

Dissemination, communication, preparative exploitation activities

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Communication and Dissemination Plan
  2. Initial exploitation & IP management plan
  3. Final event and report on DCE activities
  4. Final exploitation strategy and plans

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